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Showcase 2018 Baseball Tryouts  Baseball

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Information on the Sunday Showcase Program

Sunday Showcase (SSC) is an additional opportunity for players in Zionsville Little League (ZLL) to be on a team in which the players practice more, play additional games and compete against other leagues in a stronger competitive environment. Players must try out for the team, pay additional fees above and beyond the normal ZLL registration fees, and participate in team activities in the fall and winter leading up to the season. The Sunday Showcase season is played simultaneously as the recreational season is played until the end of the recreation league season. Sunday Show case players will play on ZLL recreational teams as well as being a member of the SSC team.

Each age group 7-14 will be permitted to have (1) or (2) teams if enough players desire to participate and managers commit to leading the team. Each team will have a maximum of 12 players, thus if there are enough players in an age group to field two teams of 12, then 24 players may participate from each age group.

Sunday Showcase is a developmental opportunity and experience for players that currently have an advanced skill set that allows them to be challenged more by their coaches and introduced to new additional skills that will help prepare them for future baseball experiences.

SSC games are typically played on Sundays in the spring and summer. In order to play at high levels the teams will practice in the winter months.  Players are expected to attend practice and winter work outs to learn, practice, and execute the fundamental skills of hitting, throwing, catching, base running, situational baseball and all other aspects of the game. Playing in a minimum of 2 innings (6 outs) and one at bat as is the minimum game play requirement.  ZLL understands many players play other sports (ZLL encourages playing multiple sports) in the Fall and Winter but if no conflicts, request players make their best effort to get to team activities as scheduled.

Wednesday August 2nd at 6:00PM is an alternate date for all age groups.  Please only select this date if your son cannot make one of his assigned date/time listed below.

Information for the 2018 tryouts

Sat July 29th Sat August 5th
Age Group Field Time Age Group Field Time
7U 5 10:00AM 7U 5 10:00AM
8U 5 10:00AM 8U 5 10:00AM
9U 2 10:00AM 9U 2 10:00AM
10U 2 10:00AM 10U 2 10:00AM
11U 6 12:30PM 11U 6 12:30PM
12U 6 12:30PM 12U 6 12:30PM
13U 1 12:30PM 13U 1 12:30PM
14U 1 12:30PM 14U 1 12:30PM

  • Players need to attend only one of the tryout sessions.
  • Players trying out should expect to attend the entire tryout session.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled tryout session to check in.
  • The sessions may last up to 2 hours (although typically less), depending on the age group and the number of players trying out at that time.
  • Players should bring their own gear - gloves, bats and helmets.  If you don't have this equipment, we will try to have some extra equipment available, but we can't guarantee we'll have equipment which fits the player.
  • Tryouts will be held on ZLL baseball diamonds - we recommend the players wear appropriate baseball cleats
  • Each player will be evaluated on various baseball skills including running, fielding, throwing, pitching (for player pitch age groups), and hitting.  Team selections are based on the evaluation scores - as described above.
  • If you are unable to attend either one of the tryout sessions, please contact ZLL Player Agent Ashley Alexander at

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